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We are a family owned and operated locksmith company serving London, Ontario and the surrounding area! We have 8 years of extensive experience in auto locksmith services, commercial and residential locksmith service. No job is too small! If you are locked out or have a lost key near London, Ontario we are the emergency locksmith service for you! We are also able to make duplicate keys and transponder keys if needed. Is your car key lost or not working, our expert car key locksmith can help. My ambition is to provide reliable and honest service to the people in my community when helping them with their security needs.

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Lock picking and lock bumping, are crafts that is getting a lot of attention nowadays. People are interested in finding out the good, the bad and the tolerable facts about each of these techniques. For some people, the interest is so much that they would want to venture in, although at first, they are discouraged by the lack of information. In this article, we lift the veil and look at the two crafts. Keep reading to find out how lock picking and lock bumping works.

Lock Picking

Lock picking, simply falls within the scope of physical bypassing. By passing is a technical term that refers to going around or through something, but not through the usual technique. Ideally, it refers to taking advantage of a weakness to leap the same benefits as when using the right approach.
You usually use a key to unlock the padlock. Padlocks come in different models. In a case where the padlock features a spring-loaded bolt to hold the shackle, one can simply bypass it using a thin sheet of metal and inserting it between the bolt and the shackle. This unlocks the padlock in the same way a key would have done. Lock picking could also involve the use of a blowtorch to melt the padlock to a frothy liquid, and gaining access to the locked room.

The two examples refer to the same thing. It is all about bypassing a lock without using the usual key. Lock picking requires strikingly artful and often performed anywhere without capturing attention of people.

Lock Bumping

This technique is used to open the pin tumbler lock. Thus, you need the bump key to manipulate and open the pin tumbler lock. The bump key is designed such that it matches the lock that it is to be used on.
The bump key is put into the keyhole and the end of the key is tapped using a hammer. This forces the lock pins to go above the shear line, and the pins line up easily allowing you to turn the key and open the lock.

Lock bumping is also an easy skill and just requires the use of right tools and a little practice. If you purchase the bump key and a hammer, you can easily learn the art of lock bumping. It takes less than half a minute to lock bump.
Therefore, for lock picking we are using two thin sheets of metal to bypass a lock, where the padlock utilizes spring-loaded bolt for holding the shackle. For lock bumping, we use the bump key and a hammer.

The two refer to unlocking a door without the use of the original key. Thus, they simply refer to the same thing, but the technique creates the difference. For professional lock bumping or lock picking, contact Canadian Locksmith.

Why you need an Advanced Security System for Your Business

At the start of the year, people come up with different plans and several projects they would like to run in the coming year. For instance, some quit employment with the hope that starting their own business will pay off better in the end.

One key area you need to pay attention to is the security systems for your business. Unfortunately, managers are keenly chasing for new customers and managing existing customers, forgetting that thugs can ruin your business at the drop of a hat.

That is why it is important that you invest in the best security systems for your commercial setting. In this article, we illuminate some of the reasons your business should definitely run an advanced security system ASAP.

  1. Deter Crime Before it Happens

Imagine thugs breaking into your business at midnight and making away with all your stocks. Even if they do not leave with everything, whatever they do steal will definitely have a significant impact on your financial state.

Security systems will effectively deter a planned crime. That is why you need to contact the best locksmiths for advanced security systems. This can include an intruder detection system that goes off when unauthorized people enter a restricted area. Contact Canadian Locksmith for installation of advanced security systems that will deter crime and theft.

  1. Receive Real-Time Security Updates on your Mobile Device

The latest technological advancements not only help in financial and human resource management. Even security management has become simple with the right infrastructure put in place. .

Therefore, hire a qualified locksmith for the latest locks and intruder identification systems that send alerts directly to your mobile device.

  1. Offer your Staff a Conducive Working Environment

Did you know that an advanced security system could improve the productivity of your business employees? To start with, your employees want to feel secure while they are working.

This is particularly true for employees working late at night or at odd hours of the day. By installing an advanced security system, the employees will feel safer at work.

  1. Protects Your Business While you are Away

A secure alarm system will notify you when there is movement in the monitored area. The IP CCTV cameras can be used for remote surveillance. Therefore, this investment allows you to concentrate on whatever you are doing even when you are miles away from your office.

For example, when you are planning a holiday, you will be able to enjoy it knowing that everything is okay back at your home or business office.

  1. Helps You Save on the Cost of Insurance

Another potential advantage of a security system is reducing the risk of theft. This is ultimately beneficial when purchasing an insurance cover. The insurance company will not flag your business as high risk since you have already put measures in place to protect it.

Solve your Security Issues with Canadian Locksmith

Listed above are some of the reasons why your business should have a security solution installed in every office. Apart from protecting your assets and data, you effectively improve employee efficiency, especially for those working late at night.  Contact us today for the best commercial security systems in London, Ontario.


What Services Can I Get From a Commercial Locksmith in Los Angeles?

Running a business is hard, hard work. Every business person is alert to make sure that their staff doesn’t play around in order to avoid negligence that leads to business losses. While securing the business, some entrepreneurs forget that physical security is also important. Thus, they tend to safeguard the business records and invest on state of the art systems for inventory management and expensive payroll systems.

In doing this, they sometimes forget that they also need to invest in securing the entrance to lock out burglars. In this article, we seek to educate you on services that commercial locksmiths in Los Angeles can offer your business. These services will help in securing your business 24/7 from intruders and rivals.

  1. Inspecting and Fixing / Servicing the Entry and Exit Locks

One of the services that commercial locksmiths in LA offer is fixing the locks. This covers both the entry and exit locks. These locks are among the most used locks in any business establishment. Therefore, it is important ensuring these locks are working throughout the building. The reality is that business owners and managers will not have enough time to check all the entry and the exit locks to ensure they are in top condition.

A commercial locksmith will inspect and identify any issues on the entry and exit locks. That way, in case there are any minor issues, they can fix them before they become major problems. Contact a commercial locksmith in LA today for maintenance of the entry and exit door locks.

  1. Commercial Safe Installation and Relocation

Does your business keep records? Sorry to ask! However, every record needs to be kept safe. This is part of the strategic assets that your business keeps. Even in the Era of business automation, some processes remain manual.

Thus, businesses will keep valuables at the office which is why the need for a safe arises. A commercial locksmith in LA will install a safe for your business and relocate it whenever the need arises.

  1. High Security Locks Installation and Locks Replacement

Security should always be a top priority if you want to succeed in business. You will not achieve success if you are always a victim of burglary.

Therefore, installing high security locks and replacing damaged locks is important. But not just any handyman will do. You need to hire a high security locks installation locksmith in LA to ensure the installation or replacement is done right.

  1. Integrated Access Control System Installation

Another commercial locksmith service that helps upgrade the security of your business is integrated access control system installation. With the access control system for your business, you are guaranteed that intruders don’t access protected rooms.

The access control systems will also keep records of who accessed the rooms and at what time. Thus, you are able to recover this information and use it in case of an incident like attempted break-in. Ideally, the access control systems should be installed by a trusted commercial locksmith in LA.

  1. Installation of Panic Bars and Exit Devices

Panic Bars and Exit Devices are important in today’s business world. The panic bars are intended to be used whenever any member of the staff feels that there is a real threat at the workplace. This could be in the case of an attempted burglary, incidents like fires, or even potential mass shootings.

They will use the panic bars and exit devices to alert the other colleagues or to escape in case of forthcoming danger. Thus, installing these is important for any business. A commercial locksmith will assist you in installing the panic bars and also the exit devices to ensure you and your staff are safe.

Alas, those are some of the services Canadian Locksmith Los Angeles can offer your business. Ensure that you are working with a professional locksmith for the best results.

It’s that time of the year when we love to travel and party. However, it is also a time when most motorists are likely to face car lockouts. As an experienced locksmith, I would like to share with you some expert tips to help you get rid of those stressing moments when you are facing a car lockout. Keep reading to ensure you are enjoying every road trip to the end.

  1. Don’t Forget to Pick Your Car Locksmith Contact

One great way to avoid the worries that come with a trunk lockout is ensuring you have a local locksmith’s contact at hand. Imagine locking the keys in the trunk after offloading the Christmas gifts you bought your relatives on your way there. It’s your worst nightmare and something you’d never want to experience. If you have our contact, we will be onsite immediately to help you retrieve the car keys. Ensure that you have our business card with you and that you have saved the telephone number in your phone contact list to reach us anytime. We offer 24/7 car lockout service throughout the year.

  1. Keep a Spare Key

To ensure you survive a car lockout without needing anyone’s help, keep a spare key with you every time you are leaving your home for long distance road trips. How about storing the key in your wallet? But wait! What if you lose the wallet while partying? You might want to keep the key in your travel bag to ensure it’s safe at the hotel for faster rescue in case of a car lockout these Christmas festivities.

If you don’t have a spare key, you can request our experienced automotive locksmiths to make one for you. In fact, you can request car key duplication and have up to three copies of the original key or even more. Our professionally trained automotive locksmith will help you get a car key duplication fast, letting you enjoy peace of mind even in case of a car lockout.

  1. Attach Your Contact to the Keys

A car lockout can also be a result of lost keys. As people enjoy and party over the holidays, there is a possibility that some will lose their keys. When this occurs, it is important that an announcement is made. However, you also need to ensure the vehicle is secured to avoid unauthorized access. When you have attached your contact to the keys, you might be lucky getting a call from a good Samaritan who picked up said keys.

  1. Ensure the Car Keys are on Your Mental Travel Checklist

The mental travel checklist lets you make sure you don’t lose your belongings because you possibly forgot them somewhere. The same applies to the car keys. Before you lock the car, you should check and tack off that you have the keys in your hands. This eliminates the possibility of losing them or also locking them in the car trunk.

Be Smart and Enjoy Your Trip!

With the above expert tips, you are less likely to face a car lockout as you travel over the holidays. However, in case there’s ever an actual emergency, you can always contact ASAP Locksmith and get professional car lockout service anytime in the LA area.

Our 24/7 Emergency Services in London, Ontario:

Locksmith London Ontario

Full range of Locksmith London Ontario Services

We offer the full range of locksmith and security services in London, Ontario.Pop The Lock Inc is available to our customers 24 hours a day / 7 days a week including weekends and major holidays.
We always aim to arrive as fast as possible and get to your location in up to 20 minutes after we receive your call.
As a result, you can stay calm knowing that our technician is only a call away at any time. Here are some of the many locksmith services we provide our esteemed clients in London, Ontario.

✔ Lock Repair / Change Lock

✔ ReKey

✔ High Security Locks

✔ Lockout Services (Car Lockout, House Lockout / Office Lockout)

✔ Lost Keys / Keys Locked Inside (Home, Business and Car)

✔ Broken Key Extraction

✔ Key Duplication & Made

✔ Car Key / Transponder Key Programming and Duplicate Car Keys

✔ Ignitions (Repair, Rekey and Change)

✔ Fresh Door Lock installation and Door Locks (Commercial and Residential)

✔ CCTV / Surveillance Systems for homes and businesses

✔ Intercom (Install, Repair and Replace)

✔ Garage Door Locks (Installation, Rekey and Change)

✔ Mailbox Locks (Rekey, Install and Change)

✔ Safes Services (Safe Lockout / Install Safe)

✔ Cylinder Repair

✔ Deadbolts, Digital Locks, Panic Bars, Key-less Entry Locks, Keycard and Key Pad

Auto Locksmith London Ontario

Accidentally locked your keys inside the car? Lost your car keys? Is the car key broken inside?

There are days when it may seem that the odds are against you, times when you feel that your car has a wish not to be used for movement. We all have such thoughts when we perhaps accidentally lock our home keys in the car or when the car key breaks off in the ignition. Any of these situations can derail your plans and make your day unpleasant.

However, this does not have to be the case if you have your local mobile locksmith on speed dial. We have created a dispatch unit of highly trained technicians who deal with broken car locks on a daily basis. We can make new car keys, get you into your car when you are locked out, reprogram keys, fix the ignition if it won’t start, and more.

Fast Mobile Response Team

Pop The Lock Inc is the most responsive mobile locksmith company in London, Ontario area. We can solve almost any car locksmith issue for all car makes and models. We also make use of the latest technology to provide precise, professional, fast and effective service. Our technicians work on all car models and brands, including cars built with an extra high-security system.

Additionally, we offer roadside assistance such as towing, filling up an empty gas tank, and more. Our certified, licensed and bonded technicians will come to you with all the necessary equipment in 20 minutes time or less for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

24/7 Automotive Locksmith Services:


Automotive Locksmith Services:

  • Car Lockout / Unlock Car Service
  • Keys Locked inside the Car
  • Car Key Duplication
  • Broken Car Key Extraction
  • Lost Car Keys
  • Car Lock Picking
  • Jammed Car Door Lock Fix
  • VATS (Vehicle Anti-theft System)
  • Motorcycle Locksmith / Motorcycle Keys Made

Remote Control:

  • Car Key Remote Control
  • Transponder Remote Programming
  • Car Remote Replacement
  • Program Key Fob
  • Replace Key Fob

Car Trunk:

  • Trunk Lockout / Unlock Car Trunk
  • Locked Keys in Trunk
  • Change Trunk Lock
  • Fix Trunk Lock

Car Keys:

  • Car Key Made
  • Duplicate Car Key
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Transponder Car Key
    • Transponder Car Key Programming
  • Micro Chip Car Keys
  • Broken Car Key
  • Ignition Keys / Switch:
    • Ignition Switch Replacement
    • Cylinder Change
    • Ignition Repair / Rekey

Towing your car can be prohibitively expensive when it is not planned. That said, why would you pay to have your car towed if you don’t have to? Automotive Locksmith has a team ready to solve the problem at your location. We also guarantee fast, accurate and efficient service 24/7, every day.

Get a 20-25 minute response time – call our Automotive team at Pop The Lock Inc London, Ontario. Additionally, feel free to ask us about High-security technology that can be installed whenever needed. Finally, we are able to reprogram your transponder car keys onsite for most vehicle makes and models.

Residential Locksmith London Ontario

At Pop The Lock Inc, we believe that every house should be protected by taking the right measures and solutions to every residential issue. Our residential locksmith services are highly reliable and we provide them 24/7 all throughout London, Ontario.

In order to live a comfortable lifestyle, it’s important to keep your loved ones safe at all times. You’ll want to have a strong and secure locking systemand CCTV surveillance cameras around the perimeter of your house, especially if you live in a dangerous neighborhood.

With our knowledge and locking expertise, we can double or even triple your current security system’s efficiency. As locks can easily be picked or damaged, we ensure that our high security products ward off even the craftiest burglars who try to breach your household. Even if the most they can do is damage the locks or windows.

We all make mistakes from time to time, but the ones that cost us are usually the simplest in nature, such as when you try to open a stuck lock and accidentally break the key inside. Or you’re locked out of the house because you lost your keys on the way there.

Therefore, we arrive at your doorstep to address these problems and more. Whether you’re struggling with the door, mailbox, gate, safe, window or any other security system with locks on them. Pop The Lock Inc has the tools to get you fixed up and back to your life pronto.

Our Residential Locksmith Services Include:

  • Lost House Keys
  • House Lockout
  • Change Locks
  • Lock Repair
  • Rekey
  • New Lock Installation
  • Safe Services
  • Storage Lockout
  • Entry Door Locks
  • Mailbox Locks
  • Window Locks
  • Garage Door Locks
  • Gate Locks
  • CCTV

About Our Services

All of our locksmith services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We highly value making our customers comfortable, which is why our technician arrives onsite as quickly as possible to resolve any issue at hand. We carry versatile locking systems which are designed to work on all types of locks and security systems, whatever the customer needs.

Why Use Our Residential Locksmith services

We are wholly dedicated to delivering 100% customer satisfaction, which means delivering what you want, when you want it most. Regardless of your residential lock problems, we are here to solve them all, and fast. With the best people on board, you don’t need to worry whether your tasks will be done correctly and responsibly. We aim to complete our work as fast as possible while balancing our attention to detail so that our client is happy and fully satisfied.

In order to keep a home safe, we take well thought out measures and steps according to our client’s needs. Additionally, we believe that no one should ignore the importance of home safety.

No matter how safe you think you are, crime is always close. Hence, our locksmiths can properly lock your doors and windows to make it the safest fortress in your neighborhood, a beacon of light in dark times when theft and burglary reign supreme.

Commercial Locksmith London Ontario

We take care of your commercial locksmith needs according to your budget and schedule. And we assure that our systems will hold up better than the traditional security methods you may be using. Additionally, we provide our customers a huge sense of relief as they get the high quality security measures they need. We provide top commercial locksmith services around the clock and fearlessly take on any issue you might have at unbeatable prices.

Our Commercial Locksmith London Ontario Services

At Pop The Lock Inc, we believe that all people deserve safety and protection in their lives. We aim our services directly at protecting your possessions, no matter what. Our commercial locksmith services prevent important items from getting stolen and misused, and they include:

  • Lost Office Keys
  • Office Lockout
  • Locks Change
  • Repair Locks
  • Master Key Systems
  • CCTV (Security Cameras)
  • Access Control Systems
  • Safes
  • Panic Bars
  • Exit Devices
  • Lever Handles
  • High security locks
  • File Cabinet / Desk Locks
  • Door Closer
  • Eviction Services
  • Install Dead Bolts and Knob Sets
  • Intercom and Buzzer Systems


    Why clients choose Pop The Lock Inc

    We know how important consistency is for a thriving business. In addition to that, we know how a great start can lead to a fruitful and productive time period throughout the day. However, getting locked out of the office could diminish all that effort and ruin employee morale. Any business could face this problem, from very large corporations, to small, home-based businesses.

    We provide commercial locksmith services to deal with the most complex of lockouts. With a highly experienced workforce and the best tools on the market, expect us to analyze and then immediately neutralize the lockout in record time. After all, even the tiniest bit of wasted time results in major loss for a company, whether it’s due to missed deadlines, or dealing with customers you can’t satisfy because you are locked out of your business.

    Therefore, don’t worry because Pop The Lock Inc is prepared for these things all day and all night. Our work is professional because we mitigate extra damage on the job and fast so that your company can return to normal operation as soon as possible.

More About Our Commercial Locksmith Services

One of our most requested services is the work on panic bars. Panic Bars are a big part of any major building, whether it’s an office building or any other installation housing hundreds of people. Due to some tragic incidents in which people were not able to evacuate out of the building quickly enough, there was an outcry for a mechanism that would improve building safety in the event of an emergency.

In accordance with the Life Safety Code, we now offer panic bar services for the entrances and exits of a business building. The right means of escape can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, and we are deeply concerned for the safety of our clients and the people they share their business with. Thus, you can expect nothing but the most diligent and stoic operation from our service.

Very professional, helpful and fast. I would highly recommend them!
Meenu Singh
They just got my car unlock. Very fast ans reliable service.
Diane FR